Playdate simulator won't automatically open .pdx game in simulator

Hi all,
Was wondering if anyone had encountered/fixed a similar issue.

I'm trying to set up the playdate simulator on windows using C.
I followed all the steps in the Inside Playdate with C guide, to cmake and setup the solution file.
When I try to run the debugging instance as they mentioned, only an popup appears and sends me straight to the settings section inside the simulator without the game automatically opening.

The console for the Playdate simulator displays this error when trying to call the .pdx file:
"Error: Failed to create a temporary file name (error 267: The directory name is invalid.)"

I am still able to load the game through File->Open-><game.pdx>
Not certain the cause as I have trouble shot by testing the lua guide and the problem remains.

Many thanks

This is related to the issue discussed here: 1.13.1 Betas - simulator doesn't create folder for ini [Windows and Ubuntu] - #3 by willco

Thank you very much, issue solved!