Playdate Software Automatic Mouth (PDSAM)

Recently, I came across this project and thought it would be fun to have on Playdate.

It's a reverse-engineer of the voice synthesizer from the Commodore64. I created some Lua glue for it or you can access it directly in C. I'm also including a device build of a GUI tool for playing with the parameters. The source for the GUI isn't included because it uses an app framework that we're not ready to release yet. (49.4 KB) (169.1 KB)

Let me know if this is useful in some way and maybe we can include it as an extra for the SDK.


I'm away from my Playdate at the moment. A video of this would be very welcome!

Amazing. I… I wonder if I could add a speech instrument to Playmaker… noooo

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Actually, I'd probably just limit to like 4 letters or something.