playdate->sound->sequence->setLoops() takes `int` but should take `uint32_t`

Functions that deal with step positions all take uint32_t as the step value except for setLoops().

For example:

// is currently
void playdate->sound->track->removeNoteEvent(SequenceTrack* track, uint32_t step, MIDINote note)

int playdate->sound->track->getIndexForStep(SequenceTrack* track, uint32_t step)

int playdate->sound->track->getNoteAtIndex(SequenceTrack* track, int index, uint32_t* outStep, uint32_t* outLen, MIDINote* outNote, float* outVelocity)

etc.. But playdate->sound->sequence->setLoops() uses int which means there are step values which are not accessible to it.

void playdate->sound->sequence->setLoops(SoundSequence* sequence, int startstep, int endstep, int loops)

// should be
void playdate->sound->sequence->setLoops(SoundSequence* sequence, uint32_t startstep, uint32_t endstep, int loops)