Player - Keyboard/Controller shortcuts for "Player" controls?

Hi all!
I want to build a small handheld controller I can use with the “Player” in the Pulp SDKs… I’ve been able to determine so far that there are some keyboard/controller inputs that map to the Player/simulator’s controls, but not all of them so far. (I cannot yet find my USB joystick so i don;t know if they’re mapped there as well:

  • Keyboard arrow keys → D-Pad
  • Keyboard [A] key → B Button
  • Keyboard [S] key → A Button
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel → Crank
  • ??? → Volume
  • ??? → accelerometer position

I searched through the documentation but was unable to find this documented anywhere yet. Can anyone help me out on this?

(for what it’s worth, I’ll be creating 3d files for the controller and crank, and all arduino nano/leonardo/32u4 code and files will be available on github for all to share)

Your mini controller sounds neat!

I’m updating the docs to include this information right now. One small correction:

Keyboard [S] key → A Button

USB controllers are supported. Right analogue stick can be used to simulate cranking. Keyboard-based crank and accelerometer controls will be in the next release. Keyboard-based volume controls are a good idea too so look for those as well.


Excellent! (I’ve updated my post to reflect your correction.)

Can the accelerometer be mapped to a second analog joystick or something like that? It seems like all of the inputs could be handled via joystick USB… (again, I have not yet tried a usb joystick… my gadget might end up being just a crank-as-scroll wheel, by the time this is all worked out.)

Yup, that’s the plan! (Pulp’s accelerometer access was a late addition.)

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Also, is there a proper name for that simulator? It seems to be “player” but I’m not positive. I want to be sure i have my terminology right. :slight_smile:

If we’re talking about testing your Pulp game in the browser, we call that the “Pulp web player” or just “web player” if we’ve already established we’re talking about Pulp. (The full Playdate SDK has its own Playdate Simulator so it’s good to make that distinction.)

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You could also add:

  • F : expand the view to fullscreen
  • (space) : pause the game
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