Playing card deck imagetable—free for your card game!

Hello! I made a Playdate imagetable of 50 x 70 px playing card images. It might be handy for prototyping or making a card game. This is 100% free, so please use it.


P.S. And let me know if you find any issues, thanks!


Ha! You really did redraw it. I thought you were joking. Now I know you a little bit more. :+1:

Looks great!

Wow, these are amazing! Thank you so much @neven. I was drawing cards programmatically in my little high/low game and admittedly, I had only included the diamonds suit so far. (:playdate_agh:) These are sure to help, love that Joker card art!

I bet there are a bunch of (better) ways to do this, but I also wanted to share how I upscaled this without interpolation using ImageMagick. Since 100 x 140 px is very close to my current card sizes, I used:
convert 66086d55165f57942c3e3089ffd21e96de0fc0b3.png -scale 200% resReitna.png
I’m excited to try out using an imagetable like this instead!

Long live sharp pixels!

Wow! The Joker is awesome!

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