Playmate app - Quickly dump & share screenshots on the move


It's a bit clunky to open my laptop to just dump & share Playdate screenshots, so I made an iOS app for just that! Playmate connects to your Playdate (in DATA segment sharing mode), and provides a easy interface for you to browse and share screenshots.

The original screenshot is just plain black & white, but the app offers a semi-realistic-looking rendering of it, or even with Playdate device bezel so you can use it to advertise your next great game. You can even extend the crank on the device bezel to customize to feeling of it (in-app purchase :playdate_wink:). I'm also planning to add more customizations and new styles to screenshot post-production.

I do have a lot of ideas on what to do next in this app, like making & managing gamesaves, macOS version (which should really be more iTunes / Finder like instead), etc. Let me know what you think! You can reach me with contact info on Support - Playmate, or just leave comments here.


This is such a great idea, I love it

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Just released an update to double the export resolution & fixed dark mode / iPad design.

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Will you be releasing a version for android and windows? (Or Lynx?)

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Currently this is heavily dependent on SwiftUI, so I don’t think it’s realistic to consider non-Apple platforms at this time. I will keep exploring options though.

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