Pluto's Revenge

Hey all, i've been crash coursing my way thru game development via that icosahedron example.
The idea: for various good reasons Pluto is on a mission to destroy/steal the power of the so-called 8 planets and finally kill and become the sun. Mega Man 2 * Tempest is in the back of my mind. In my head this is also maybe more a noise music album than a game?


First I just wanted to verify 30fps on this vibe. I get tiny dips to 28/29 on device. The perlin noise clouds seem to give it a good hit. I'm mostly a javascript developer so i'm strangely enjoying this optimization sort of work. I started building this in plain Lua and would hit 14fps on device... so switched to the C/Luaglue and got a huge boost. Clearly the dither fade out has defeated me.

I've got this all running out of one page, so next i need to break it up and do some housekeeping... and then i think i'm going to start with a boss fight. A lot of mechanics to iron out. Thinking mario tennis, warlords catch/release or orbit/gravity slingshot stuff... or maybe skill tree = all of them incl. diamond rain shard bullets stolen from neptune?

I am pretty sure that the power merge handoff will be good looking by the power of simply geometry converging and XOR


Very cool ! The back story alone is immediately compelling.

Just curious, for what reason? What does your game design process look like so far? Depending on how much effort you plan to spend on this, I'd gently suggest considering spending as much time as possible ideating on paper or out of the engine. We recently did a 3-week game jam on a Playdate game, and we spent over half of it in "R&D" before even starting to code. We didn't get as far as we designed to, of course, but made up for that in spades by having insanely clear direction. :raised_hands:t5:

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Ok yeah, i'm here for this kind of feedback. I think i just needed to kick the tires on coding in Lua/C to make sure I can make something to my own liking even if just for a moment. Sketching things out would help give me a bit of structure to this since it's definitely something i'll have to be sneaking in

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DM me if you want to chat about the design/iteration process (even if just generally speaking), it's something I spend a lot of time thinking about and would be happy to discuss.

I am sold!

Will be watching this with interest

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I really love this Playdate game. It looks really cool. I would love to play this game. It has that Polybius vibe to it. I hope it comes out soon. You should have this on Season 2 or sell the game on

I would love to test out the beta version of this game when you make it.