Pocket Lights - the classic handheld light-toggling game!


I released a 1.0 version of my game Pocket Lights earlier this week!


I've spent the past couple months putting together a classic puzzle game for Playdate. Many of you may have played a version of the Lights Out game before (I particularly enjoyed the Lights Out Cube many, many years ago) and I wanted to bring the same game to the Playdate! It seemed like the perfect platform for a bunch of quick, short puzzles.

Right now there's over 50 specific puzzles in Puzzle Mode, plus a new random puzzle every day (I really like the Daily aspect of Wordle and similar games).

I'm going to try to bring a few more game modes to this (such as multiple board sizes, different patterns, and multi-state lights as opposed to just on/off), but I felt it was in a playable enough state that others could enjoy it.

I hope you'll give it a try, and please give me feedback!