Pocket Pix - a pixel art animation toy

After finding Playnote Studio I was inspired to make something that would actually allow me author animations on-device. So this week I threw together a little prototype of a pixel art animation toy called Pocket Pix!

Here's a time lapse of me making an (uninspired) animation of a bouncy ball:


And the final animation:


This app still needs some work, but I thought I'd share a prototype to see how many people are interested in such a toy, and gather any early feedback!

Features on my todo list:

  • a tool bar of tools/settings/commands
  • selection rectangle
  • move selection or whole frame
  • some implementation of a fill tool
  • auto playback, without onion skinning
  • a menu system for browsing your collection "pix"
  • onion skin setting (before, after, both, off)
  • toggle pixel grid (with major grid lines?)
  • invert colors so you can do white on black and have onion skinning
  • export frames as pngs


  • DPAD to move cursor around
  • HOLD B + DPAD to move the cursor around faster
  • PRESS B to open the animation timeline
  • PRESS A to paint a pixel at the cursor. The pixel color is the opposite of what's current under the cursor.
  • HOLD A + DPAD to continuously pain the same color
  • CRANK to cycle thru frames/play animation

pocket-pix_0-1-0.pdx.zip (22.7 KB)


Very cool! :grin: Good job

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Works prity good I made a flea jumping animation

I look forward to more updates, all todos seem good, also saving and loading would be good.
flea playdateflip


thank you for the 'prototype'. It feels very robust and intuitive indeed! An awesome tool for the playdate. - I wish the control pad (arrow keys) would move the cursor/brush continuously, when held down. And it would be awesome to create more than one animation/project.

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