Possible regression in opaque sprites

My Minesweeper game no longer appears correctly in 1.1. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it appears that opaque sprites might be preventing content from being drawn on top of them, and not just below them, as based on zIndex?


This is how it currently looks when you start the game on 1.1


This is how it looks if I remove the call to make the background sprite opaque, or if you play the game unmodified on the previous OS version.

Mines.zip (171.2 KB)

I’ve attached a zip containing both a build of the game and the game’s source code. If you comment out backgroundImageSprite:setOpaque(true) at main.lua:74, you’ll see the main menu will start appearing correctly. There are other parts of the game that appear incorrectly, too, but if you comment out every call to setOpaque throughout the code base (4 separate calls) it seems to fix everything.

I make use of zIndex to layer sprites correctly. They are assigned using the values from a table of constants defined in resources.lua. For the most part, “regular” sprites have a zIndex around 0, “background” sprites have a negative zIndex, and “overlay” sprites have a positive zIndex.

Thanks for the report and example – We’ve got this fixed and it’ll be in 1.1.1 in the near future.