Potatoscript for Playdate

Hello! For the past four days, I've been working on a Playdate port of my esoteric scripting language, Potatoscript! Right now it's very basic, but later on it will be more feature-rich and exciting to use.

Source code is available here (warning: may contain sub-par code)


(this card will be replaced with a much better one at some point)



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v2.0: "crank to mash"

Version 2.0 has been released! Hopefully in the next release I'll have a better UI.

crank script execution

moved both help and about to helpabout.lua
how scripts are executed
moved potscr parser to parser.lua

(EDIT: I also wanted to mention that script execution has slowed down quite a bit, because of a little indicator in the bottom left showing what step the parser is on in the script. In the next release, there will be a way to turn this off)

v2.1: "CtM-fix1"

fixed incorrect version number
updated readme