Previously Deleted Season Games Re-Download As New

After the recent firmware update to 2.5.0, the Season 1 games I had previously deleted reappeared as new games. I was in the “Games” section of system settings and noticed by chance that they were no longer in my list. I manually refreshed the list again, and they all showed up as needing to be installed. They background downloaded (triggering the on-screen notification and blinking light, and showing up wrapped all over again) and are now at the top of my list (instead of where they should have been) as though they were a completely new games. I didn’t do anything unusual with my device, didn’t install or even delete anything after the firmware update. Just played a few games like normal.

Since it was so random, I don’t know how to reproduce. I tried resetting with both the paperclip and via the system menu, but it didn’t help. I saw from a few days ago a similar problem posted, but my device never threw up any errors or crashed. I’ll wait a bit and see if any advice appears here or the Discord and then try a full system reset (which I’d rather avoid) and report back.

I have encountered the same thing few days ago, but on the previous version of the OS. I have a feeling that I interrupted the regular check with the server (indicated by that WI-FI icon when the screen is locked) by going into the settings and manually refreshing the list. Then it was showing both the Season 1 and Catalog games I uninstalled as new. I let them install and then uninstalled them all again and the problem did not reappear.

So as promised, here is my update just in case anyone else searches for this:

I factory reset my PD. Season games are now in the correct order. Sideloaded games are in the order they were uploaded.

Catalog games are, however, in a new, random order. Just for funsies, I tried resetting my PD again to see what would happen. Still in a random order, but in the same order as the first reset.

Overall not a big deal, just kinda drives my brain a little nuts just because of who I am.

My turn I guess to throw my hat in the ring to anyone at Panic who has a tracker to +1 a request for an ability to sort the launcher :slight_smile:

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