Print images to Simulator console

Maybe it would only work in Simulator, not a tethered device? Maybe it would save where screenshots go, but in a subfolder that auto-deletes when the Simulator quits or clears the console? Maybe images would look janky and scroll laggily because they are a hacky overlay on the text window?

I don't care... any limited means of print(image) integrated with the console's text flow would be amazing!

I'm always spending time on awkward ways to check the contents of image variables relating to other variables, often interfering with the very game I'm trying to test. If I could dump an image into the console amid the stream of other text, I'd be in heaven!

If it obeyed the "use device colors" setting, that would allow transparency to be visible in both light and dark mode. Or, fill in transparency with a color.

Save or drag included images? Optional--not worth skipping the feature over such niceties!

(stdout could omit them or just dump some asterisks or something.)

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Did I say "awkward ways to check image variables"? FWIW, here's my current awkward method--the images go to the Playdate screen of course, but with some console text for reference:

I started work on an image viewer that would allow you to print() an image variable and it would open it in a small window. You could also select an image from the Memory window and view it. However, it's been side-lined for now due to more pressing things. I should get back to it. Would this sort of thing work for you?

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That sounds very useful! Especially if it didn't show just the latest image "printed," but a history of multiple (forward/back, scrolling, grid, whatever's easiest to make!)

Ideally it would be nice to tie it in some way to console output--or to be able to include a string right in the image viewer--so you know WHAT you are looking at in context. Or even simply output a marker into the console with a number, and then number images in the viewer window.

Or maybe images could pop up from clickable "links" in the console? Just thinking out loud.