Print or Type Event

I'd like there to be a print event that gets called on the game every time a character is printed on the screen during the say and ask functions. This would allow you to play a sound effect as the text gets typed on screen.

This would be especially useful with games that have a lot of dialogue, and games with different characters talking. You could have different sound effects which to differentiate between different characters, and generally add a bit more colour to your games.

It would be really cool if there was also an event variable that would surface the character being typed, called something like event.char. Using this variable you could modulate the sound effect depending on the character being printed (think the chatter noises in Animal Crossing). This might be taking the idea a bit too far, but I think it would be neat :blush:

There are already some other events like change and select that seem to be intended for the purpose of playing sounds at certain times, so I think this new event fits neatly within the list of existing events.