Profile memory usage for C projects in Windows Simulator

I guess this is mainly a request/question for @willco . It seems that in the Mac simulator it is possible to profile memory usage of C projects, but in Windows I can't seem to find any similar functionality. The only memory profiler I can find is Lua Memory, which does not display anything for C-only projects. Is this functionality planned for future versions of the Windows Simulator? Thanks.

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Yes, I can look into getting it added! At this point, I'm prioritizing user requests, if you feel like it would be useful I will move it to the top of the list.

That would be great! I do think it would be very useful, especially detecting memory leaks and determining memory usage. I also heard the Mac simulator allows you to cap the memory usage to 16MB to emulate the device limitations. As for moving it to the top of the list, I guess that depends on what else you are working on. :slight_smile:


I just ran into the Simulator crashing when trying to enable and use this feature on Windows. It would be extremely handy!

Are you running the 1.12 SDK? After you restarted the Simulator was it enabled?