Pullfrog 2-BITS

Hey everybody! we wanted to share a build of our game Pullfrog 2-BITS. We've been working on it for a while now and we just got the main mechanic down and feeling pretty decent. It's been a learning experience as we've gotten more and more familiar with the Playdate's SDK.

So here it is!

give it a spin and let us know what you think. It's not a game yet and there are definitely still some bugs we're trying to work out. But it's a nice little playground that will set the base for our game ideas.


-Press "M" to toggle music
-Press "L" to bring out our Testing Menu

  • UP and DOWN to navigate
  • LEFT and RIGHT to toggle options
  • A to confirm

Check out our devlog if you want to know more about the process! :smiley:
and feel free to ask us anything

Mario & Jp

pullfrog-0.0.1.pdx.zip (6.8 MB)


Just in time. I wanted to ask you about it.


-----QUICK NOTICE IF YOU DOWNLOADED-------- :frog: :frog:

-If the game starts behaving weird, like lines are not clearing, it's because of a life system that's kinda buggy. It happens after you die THREE times. to fix it, Just cmd/ctrl + R to reset. Sorry about that.

-Another quick thing: Some feedback is that the game is very difficult. yeah... sorry about that we left the blocks' falling speed high for testing and completely forgot to put it back a a decent pace. We'll put up another build soon with adjustable speed on the debug menu. (This only happens on the simulator, It should be fine on device)

  • Jp

Oh my. This is great.
It plays really well on the playdate and the visuals are super crisp.
I think there is a really nice balance between the size of the tiles and the screen size. I was worried that it would be too small but I think it is just right.
There is also a lot of attention to details I really appreciate. I wanted to comment for example on how tile that falls on you try to push you first but I realized it was basically the topic of your post. There is also little shakes when pieces cann be moved I think. It is really nice and play nicely.

For the game itself I wish there will be stuff to do when waiting the pieces to fall down. Maybe things to pick up, optional matches to get something special. Maybe there is already and I didn't find it yet.

Keep at it. It's great!


New version 0.2.1

Fixed the blocks not clearing or getting stuck in the air after resetting the game
Added a difficulty level to the debug menu.

  • 1 Normal
  • 2 Medium
  • 3 Hard

pullfrog.0.2.1.pdx.zip (6.8 MB)


Thanks Nic!

We have some plans for new mechanics but want to iron out the basics first, some of the things we have planned:

  • Combo system (similar to how tetris-like games work)
  • Eyes inside the pieces that follow you around
  • Special mechanics for different piece types
  • Power ups for the main character
  • Different level layouts

Everything is a little bit up in the air right now but we will see once we are happy with performance and the basic systems :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying it out


I really like the base mechanics! When I first heard of this Playdate version I played the PICO-8 original quite a lot. The extra attention to detail and the cute music and animations are great.

I think if I had main problems with the base game (playing on the simulator with a decent gamepad), it feels too hard to drag blocks side by side with the vertical tongue aiming and it's something I try not to use because it feels awkward to control, i suppose that would become more useful if you get power-ups to increase tongue length like in the original.

I look forward to seeing how you expand on the game mechanics in future updates ^^

Man I suck at this game. But I LOVE it so far! Can't wait to see where this goes!

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Agreed! Can’t wait to see how this has been progressing!


Thanks for playing!

Yes found the same issue as you while playing for long periods of time in the device, we have the plan to try out an auto aim system so that it's a little bit easier but we need to find the correct balance for user input and auto behavior.

We are currently working on a small (at least we are trying to keep it small) game in Godot where we are exploring a lot of the mechanics we want on the new Pullfrog power Ups and it's been great!

As soon as we finish that new project we are coming back to add everything we have learned back to Pullfrog 2-Bits.

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New devlog on our website :slight_smile: