Pulp Dev Game Jam: Neven's roundup

Thank you for participating in and following the first Playdate game jam! I hope you had fun with it. We learned a ton about how to improve Pulp, but mostly we were blown away by your creativity and excitement. Who knows what all people will make in Pulp when it’s out in the world!

Here’s my quick roundup of the posted games.

Your Turn, Little Bot
by Jey Biddulph & Laura Hall

your turn

This is a map-explorer with a story, a crank-to-recharge mechanic, cutscenes, and lots of surprises along the way. It implements a “fog of war” where you uncover areas as you move—something I wouldn’t have even attempted in PulpScript! Cute, mysterious, and incredibly impressive for a jam game!

by Jake White & Benjamin Busche


A plant-growing game with action-game obstacles (watch out for those timed spikes and traps!), a unique crank-to-power-player mechanic, and loads of room to explore. This feels like a BIG game, hardly limited by the scope of Pulp.

Hotel Heartbreak
by Dustin Mierau

hotel heartbreak.2021-11-29 13_47_15

A crank-centric elevator game with tremendous graphics and loads of charm. It’s simple and immediately understandable—a perfect arcade title.

Pulp Game
by Andrew Loebach

pulp game.2021-11-29 15_23_48

Based on the hit TV show, Pulp Game, Pulp Game is a story told through a bunch of cool minigames—any one of which could’ve made its own neat Pulp game! Most impressive feature: it has dozens of NPCs per screen (mostly using the cool emit function). I swear, every game is doing something I would’ve told you was impossible!

Scaredy Heart
by Shaun Inman


Shaun said he had always wanted to make a classic RPG in Pulp, and this is shaping up to be one. It has loads of items, randomly set stats, characters, levels, dialog, and menus. His graphics are, as always, stellar.

I Was Dead, But…
by Neven Mrgan and David Wester

i was dead but

A mystery at a seance held inside a haunted mansion, where you play as the ghost. Simple and hopefully entertaining!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. My apologies to all the sound artists; I posted GIFs here because they’re more immediate. Everyone should check out each game’s post and play it, to experience all its A/V delights and, well, the interactivity of it.