Pulp Dev Game Jam!

Join us for the first Pulp Game Jam!

On November 15, we’ll post the jam theme. You get 72 hours—3 days—to work on your amazing Pulp game. Share your progress here on the Pulp forum. The following week, we’ll all post our entries. Deal?

Does the game jam run for one week or three days?

Technically, the spirit of the jam is to devote no more than three days to your game. But since Life Is Hard, we’re letting you pick whatever times work for you within the one-week period. I hope that’s not too confusing.

I’ve never used Pulp before! How do I start?

Pulp is located at http://play.date/pulp. If you don’t have access to it, let us know here or on Discord (there’s a #pulp channel there, too!) and we’ll set it up.

Pulp is meant to be largely self-guided, especially for somewhat experienced developers. It includes documentation, and this forum has a few posts discussing how to achieve certain behaviors. Feel free to ask for help here on the dev forum!

Is it ok to share my creation on Twitter, Mastodon, DingoFans, etc.?

Since Pulp is still in private beta, we’d appreciate it if you kept Pulp itself under wraps a little. That said, you should share your game if you’d like. Our approach to this has been “share your stuff instead of ours.”

Can I make more than one game?

Personally, I think everyone should be making one Pulp game per week, for good hygiene.

Can I collaborate with someone?

Philosophically, we’re all for this. In terms of implementation, Pulp doesn’t support more than one person working on the same game. But you could, for instance, have a sound person creating sfx and music in their own Pulp project, and you’d then import those into the game. Same goes for art—Pulp spritesheets can be exported and imported.

Hey, what if I find a bug in Pulp during this?

If this happens, we’ll be very grateful for a bug report posted to the forum. Having so many people using Pulp will help us improve it.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find some time in November to jam on a Pulp game!


I’ve adjusted the dates to November 15-21, since Sunday will be a cleaner end to the jam.

I’m so excited for this!

Well, shit: Nov 15 is my birthday. Seems like a sign!

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Been waiting for something like this!!! :partying_face:

Looking forward to it!

Just stumbled upon this if you’re looking for a way to choose the theme:

Looking forward to it! :slightly_smiling_face:

(testing gif upload in preparation for documenting my progress on the devforum)

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Definitely doing this (with @pichuscute)!

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Here’s some more info on the jam timing and the theme!

At 10 AM Pacific Time, I’ll post the jam theme here (and in the #pulp channel on our Discord.) This is the official start of the jam!

The jam will officially end at 10 PM Pacific on November 21.

If you’ve never participated in a game jam with a theme, expect to hear a rather broad set of words, open to your interpretation. Ideally, this will get you inspired and ensure that we all work on something brand new, starting from scratch. There’s no need to take the theme literally or feel restricted by it. Creative takes on it are appreciated!

I hope we’ll see you here Monday!


Good morning! It’s time to reveal the Pulp Dev Game Jam theme!

The Oracle of random has spoken—the theme is…


Please interpret that however you’d like. I can’t wait to see what you put together! Gimme those pixels!

P.S. Here’s the code of the above game, in case you’re curious. Perhaps you’ll learn a silly new Pulp technique from it!

Game Jam Theme Picker.json.zip (9.9 KB)



I hope you guys enjoy “Pulp Game” (the game).