Pulp Dialog System

Okay, I'm gonna be honest, this is mostly just a glorified pulp text box. But trust me when I say that I don't ever wanna go back after making this. Well if I could stop player from moving, I wouldn't wanna go back-

You see- I've made a dialog system that, while kinda a tad cluttered, works! Wow!!!!!!
My only main issue I've had with the system is you can technically move during text which I dislike but I haven't found a good way to fix that so I'll leave it up to you.
As a replacement being the genius I am, I made fake floors that turn solid when in dialog!
Not the best route "but it works" :tm: !

This dialog system's got it all-
Portraits, names, lines, and- DIALOG
I've provided the Pulp JSON file and a full PDX for Playdate testing if anyone wants to try that

While I love how it looks and works, I don't like the moving part
A high chance I'll go for a different & probably easier thing using the say command if I don't find anything out soon.

Nontheless, making this was fun even if it turns out to be useless!
Woo, I am TIRED!

Screenshot 2022-06-22 11.50.50 PM

PulpJSON_dialogTest.zip (4.6 KB)

FullPDX_dialogTest.zip (39.3 KB)

Hey Eve

I love your energy!
Can you help me understand why you tried to recreate a the say function?
What issues did it have that you were trying to fix?

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My main annoyance with the say function was the way it pauses the animations of other sprites. That's what gave me the original idea for making it, and I had nothing to do so I did. I mean, it even lets the player move during it which could make for some interesting things as well-

Just how the feel of the world seems to pause when you're hearing someone/something talk to you
Just felt boring