Pulp Game: Gobs

After more or less finishing up Monitor Duty, I am now about 85% complete on a new Pulp game called Gobs. It's a dice game where you see how many goblins you can defeat before you run out of fighters.

You begin with ten little goblin warriors, randomly selected from a pool of fifteen. About half of them have dice-manipulating powers, and they always attack in pairs, so part of the strategy is to find pairings where their combined powers really help you out. You get four to choose from to field two against the current enemy... which comes from a never-ending pool of larger goblins.

Enemy goblins are randomly generated from a pile of powers, HP, physical characteristics and flavor text. As you defeat more enemies, tougher enemies appear.

You roll dice with the crank, and you have to place the dice in descending order across the arrows (although duplicates are allowed.) Only the third die in each arrow deals damage to the enemy.

If you defeat the enemy, your current pair of fighters goes to the back of the line and will fight again when they get back to the top of the batting order. If you can't defeat the enemy, the enemy suffers whatever damage you were able to deal, and both of your current fighters are killed. The game ends when you're out of fighters.

Just a simple little high score chasing thing! You're going to lose eventually, but how many enemies can you defeat on the way there?

I'm still chasing down errors, and I need to add a title screen kind of thing. But it's pretty close to being done.


Seems very cool! I'd play it.

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Looks cool! I like those character portraits.

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