Pulp Image Limit? Or Bug?

Is there an image limit in Pulp?

I just got an error that says "Error running pdc for game 'Stuck': error: Image table /frames-table-8-8.png is too big, must have fewer than 32,768 images" when I tried to download my .PDX file. Just wondering if this is a bug or if there really is a limit for downloading the PDX. I have so much more I want to do with this game, that this would be kind of a bummer.

It's just weird because it still compiles and is playable through the browser version of the game. So it seems like this would likely be a bug? Because I imagine the Simulator is more capable than the browser-version? I have no idea if that's the case, but it seems odd to me.

I know @ledbetter ran into this same problem.

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I actually just asked for his advice on his thread! Haha thanks!!