Pulp Lasso Tool completely broken on Windows, in seemingly all browsers

It appears the lasso tool can only copy on a Mac, because it requires holding the Option key, which does not exist on Windows.

The equivalent key would be Start but you can not use this as a function key in any browser, or without opening the Windows Start menu.

(I've also seen reports of the lasso tool no longer being able to just move tiles either, but I'm on mobile and am unable to test atm)


Seen! Thanks for the report.

I wasn't able to reproduce the inability to move tiles. That worked for me on Windows in major browsers.

A fix is incoming to allow copy/cut/paste using the control key, like Windows users might expect.


The lasso tool periodically bugs out, been happening for months, I'm not sure why. Things can be selected but not moved. Once the area to be moved is clicked on, the area doesn't move and the closed grabbing hand cursor appears and doesn't go away (until you click on another function, e.g., draw or sample).

Logging in and out, closing the browser, etc., doesn't seem to have an affect but then... it'll just work properly a day or two later. I can't figure out what triggers the error or what makes it work again.

Initially thought it was just an issue with Firefox, but no, other browsers have it too (and I'm using Kubuntu 23.10).