Pulp not saving changes or even letting me switch games (Chrome)

Earlier this week I lost an evening's progress and got the message about modifications to the local file and all that. It doesn't seem to make a difference which option I choose, especially since it's already behind all the other work I did.

However, now the new and real bug is that when I select a different game to work on, it takes me to the exact same room from Initial Daydream (the game I've been working on), with everything loaded from that game, the only difference being which game is highlighted in the Game tab.

I'm not sure how to describe this any further, and whether or not it reads like a Pulp bug or just my Chrome browser wigging out. It seems to work on Firefox (which I would rather not use for this task because of the webkit issues and because of a lack of Pulp+), so I can in theory still make progress, but I am very confused and bewildered.