Pulp play mode black screen

In pulp I get a black screen when I enter the play mode. The game isn`t frozen, because I can still see text boxes and can invert colors. But I can not interact with sprites. It happened after I deleted a song. Does anyone know how to fix it?

I don`t know if it will help, but here is a picture:

What does the console say?
Did this always happen? Or just after some code changes?

It happens always when I start and I can`t check it instantly, but es where is the console in pulp?

*It started after I deleted a song track

Look at the developer tools in the browser. Normally by hitting f12.

This is where you log messages go too.
Playdate PulpScript

It shows this

I just got it working again, I made a new song called theme (make sure there are no spaces) thats empty

Maybe you just need a song called theme

Or just check if in one room it tries to play it…

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I just tried deleting song "theme", but I first had to create another song. Apparently there must always be at least one song. Once I deleted "theme" and launched my game, I had no issues. Are you sure you didn't leave a line of code somewhere that was playing the song: loop "theme" or once "theme" ?

Just noticed, yes. I had it in my loop of the starting room… (not in the script)