Pulpscripter (or coder) requested!

I'm making pulp games and i notice they are getting more complex as i discover more and more... I'm wondering to switch to the sdk/code or continue in pulp but with help from a person advanced in pulpscript. Some of the games so far/in progress can be seen so you get an idea of the types of games I'm doing. If interested in helping for a future one please let me know thanks!
Crankd demo for PLAYDATE by Game portal.... (itch.io)

Sunday Lawd REEL 1 for PLAYDATE by Game portal.... (itch.io)

GOOSEBALL for PLAYDATE demo soon... by Game portal.... (itch.io)

DOVE & WAR for Playdate FREE DEMO 2023? by Game portal.... (itch.io)

Hey @zartan917

If you haven't joined already, the Pulp channel on the community discord is really active with lots of people willing to help you learn.

Come check it out.

thanks. they said check the forum! haha.

Yea I imagine if you want someone to jump in that can be a tough find.

yes sir.ill keep tryin to code in pulpscript in meantime

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