Puzzle game ”Nom Nom” now available

Created a little puzzle game for the Playdate, its available on itch at: Nom Nom (Playdate) by therussianbeargame



Looks neat! A favorite genre of mine. The grey tones of the background vs. dark colors in the candies is nice and visible.

And using varying shapes instead of just the traditional round balls is a great solution for the lack of color.

(Do the "balls" use square hitboxes? They look like they spread out a bit on diagonals.)

Thank you :slight_smile: Yeah I used to love these types of games so I was very happy to work on one for the playdate.

Got a couple of more ideas that I wanna add to this game as well as couple of more tracks. Also waiting for some hand drawn custom made graphics for it from my amazing artist.

I actually dont use the builtin playdate collision boxes but a simple sphere intersection test.
The way it works now is that it detects which piece of candy you hit and then checks if the projectile is closer to the next piece of candy in the chain or the previous piece of candy. Feels like it works fairly well when I been running it in the simulator. Havent gotten my playdate yet :frowning:

Thank you for the kind words, truely appreciate it :slight_smile:

"Hitbox" isn't really the right term I guess--I was noticing how the balls already in "the train" separate out when they go around corners, almost as if they were squares that can't overlap.

I notice some games of this type have the balls which are "knocked ahead" travel to their new spot over a few frames of animation as the new ball squeezed in. Could be a smoother effect, vs. just instantly blinking ahead, if it's possible.

Good luck with the game!

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Ah yeah I know what you mean, like an animation when they slide into the ”train of balls”. I’ve just added a simple animation for when they pop, making it easier for the player to see what happens as it was a bit jarring when 3 or more balls just dissapear in a single frame (when you get 3 in a row).

I might try and look into a sliding in animation, I defently agree it would make it look smoother and more appealing to play it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I love these Puzz Loop style games. Mitchell Corp released some real gems.

Will try this one out!

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Yeah me to, so simple but addicting and hard to master. Thanks :slight_smile: If you try it out let me know what you think!

I fiddled around a bit with the difficulty in the last version , I think it was to hard before. Quite hard to strike the perfect difficulty level when you only got the simulator to play with.