[Question] What do "Stop" and "Continue" mean in a room loop?

I understand this Loop field can be used to play music but not what "Stop" or "Continue" are supposed to do. I had a couple theories but tested them and they were wrong.

Searched through documentation and didn't find much.

The Game and Room modes allow you to start a song looping when the game starts, upon entering a room, or when presenting an ending.

Source: Pulp Quick Overview

It's weird that they use the word "loop" when it already describes the loop event.

Stop means when you enter the room, music stops looping. If something starts it again, then that's fine. I dont know what makes it different from "on enter do" but that's how it's worked for me.

Continue seems to be the default option. It continues whatever music was playing last room aka looping (If Stop was the last room, then music remains silent until told to do otherwise.)

The songs all switch the music to that song when the room is first entered, though using scripting, one can play a 2nd song in one room, play a song and then stop, or start with Stop/silence and then go to new music.

So it's basically just music controls from what I can tell. It's strange how they word it, since similar language about a "loop" is used in the "loop" event called by the Game object.
I think they said "loop" because song repeat in a loop as long as you keep hitting continues, or rooms with the same song picked.

A new song definitely changes it right away, though.

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