Recommendations for Lua matrices library?

I've looked around a bit for a good matrices library, but not sure I've found an obvious candidate. I'm new to lua so not very good at identifying what libraries might be well tested/performant/etc.

don't have a specific req, but I would check out if anything from the love2d community fits the bill for you (GitHub - love2d-community/awesome-love2d: A curated list of amazingly awesome LÖVE libraries, resources and shiny things.) afaik, thats probably the most active lua based gamedev scene right now

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Thanks! I only found one that includes matrices, but it looks perfect for my purposes, it even has a function to create a perspective matrix.

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I had to do some finessing to use the module on playdate (removing requires, changing things around as a result of that), but now it's working for what I wanted it for:



great, glad to hear it!