Released a game for small kids

Hello! Nice to meet you all.
I've created my first game for the Playdate. Actually, this is my first-ever game release.
'Rescue Meow: Fire Truck Mission'

This title is a game that small children can enjoy on the Playdate. When my 3-year-old son wanted to play with the Playdate, I felt there were no games suitable for him. So, I decided to make a game featuring his favorite things, fire truck and cats. It's an easy game where you use the crank to move the ladder up and down, rescue cats, and sound the siren and horn. I started with Pulp! Pulp is such a fun programming language.

I've learned so much from the logs on this dev forum, and thanks to all of you, I was able to complete the game.

The game was created using Pulp. As realistic siren sounds make children happy, I converted it to LUA using Pulpmill and added the wav sound.

The game is now available on
Rescue Meow: Fire Truck Mission by Midnight Cupcakes


Wow! That's really Awesome! Great job!

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This looks great, I’ll bet my kids will enjoy it!

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Hello. I've created my second game for little kids using Pulp.

Sheep Gather is a game where you collect sheep across various maps and bring them home. When you interact with them, they form a long line and follow you. My child absolutely loves watching the sheep line up and follow along!

Since Pulp doesn't have arrays or local variables, I've stored the player's movements on tiles. In the final product, these arrows are colored in black so it look like the part of black frame. They work as an array for player's movement history, allowing you to walk with up to 48 sheep.

I can't share the json because it uses paid assets, but I hope this idea can serve as inspiration for other projects.

The game is now available on itchio.


Love that in-room tile array!

Cute game too :slight_smile:

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It’s a very nice game. My 5yo is enjoying it a lot!