Released: Cranner - Endless runner

Let me present you my first game: endless crab runner, inspired by Chrome T-Rex Offline Game.

Goal of this game is to get the highest score you can possibly get.

:d_left: Move left
:d_right: Move right
:d_up: / :a: Jump
:d_down: / :b: Crawl or fast fall

Portals slow you down if they are activated. Portals slow you down to 3.5px/f then +0.5 each portal (4, 4.5, 5...) You can skip portal if you feel that you can keep up with speed and slow down on the next portal.

Objects spawn in weighted random way. There's some pretty rare obstacle chunks that you can come across :wink:

Let me know what you highscore is :>

Not implemented, but in todo list:

  • Audio
  • Different difficulties
  • More obstacles, obstacle chunks (but currently I'm out of ideas)

Game is written using AnimatedSprite and NobleEngine.





Release version:
Cranner endless runner — Gameplay - YouTube

Old version:

Demo Full game
Price  Free    $2,50
Music, Sound   ➖
Leaderboards   ➖      ✔️
UI Improvements
Old UI      ✔️
Additional obstacles   ➖      ✔️
Future development support   ➖      ✔️
Challenging "Demo" obstacle   ✔️      ➖
Fun play time   ✔️      ✔️
Links  Free

Naturally, I am in love with this game.


I don't think I could count how many hours I spent on this game over the last 3 days!
If you add a few simple things like high score table (say, top 5 or something like the local WitewaterWhipeout high score...) and maybe a few more creative obstacles, maybe some changing scenes (kinda like how Icy Tower used to do, if anyone still remembers that game), I think this can easily be sold for $5 on itch. heck I would pay $5 just for high score board, but the other stuff would be awsome too :stuck_out_tongue:

The game is simple, but the gameplay is SO fun and addictive!


This game is awesome! Runs really well on the hardware too! I agree with @aviel: if you can get Whitewater Wipeout's scoreboard and some sweet tunes (I also love the idea of the scene changes but one thing at a time), this is a bonafide must-have. I mean, it already kind of is. I throw it on with some regularity. My high score is 146 as of this writing!

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I'm currently working to sound, scoreboard (main screen) and visual improvements. Thank you so much for you feedback, it warms my heart :heart:
I don't know what music and music effects to use, can you suggest something, @JGB?

Here's some sketches:


Oh that scoreboard looks so great!

Well, since you asked... I make music! I can maybe throw something together in the next week or two, if you would like.

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Came here purely to say I broke my record and now my highest is 293! :exploding_head: (speed 8.50)


Oh! You broke my highscore! I need to create new obstacle variations in the next update~


Is there a dev build I can try out on my play date? I couldn’t find one. It looks really cool!

I'll build demo version today and post it

Amazing! I’m super excited!

New free download link in the title :sparkles:

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Fixed it, reuploaded.

Game is released on Itch :tada:

The cover art is so good!

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My new high-score is 311 :>


video proof: