Request: Display the log in the "play" window

Since there is a “log” function included, it would be helpful to have the option to show the log window/output on the side of the play/build mode page when in a desktop browser (simple checkbox or dropdown to display/hide it).

Mostly as a quality of life improvement so I can log actions / button presses / loops etc and ensure they’re running correctly instead of having to use “say” for debugging".

Something similar to the below mockup:


Great idea, I’d like that too!

In the meantime you can actually access the outputs of log and dump in the console of your browser. In Chrome you can access it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I and navigating to the console tab, if it’s not already selected.

But yeah, your suggestion would also help with browsers that don’t have a console, like Safari on iPad.


The console is accesible by pressing f12 on the keyboard, but having a more prominent console like the above mockup would be rather nice.


oh man - thanks to you and @Cammy for pointing this out!

i'm an embedded developer myself and so far removed from webdev that it didn't even dawn on me to look for the browser's console! i was over hear wondering if they were somehow tunneling logs to a virtual uart or something...

anyway, i managed to debug my code using the logs in this way where i was failing to do so with simple "say" messages. turns out, "say" won't render if the program throws an exception.

i've got another issue, but i'll hunt for a better thread to post that (or create my own)