Request(s): Pause while uploading game, prevent host OS sleep while uploading

Hello! I had a quick search in the forum and didn't see these but super sorry if I did and they're duplicates :playdate_scream:!

#1 An option to pause the game automatically in the Simulator when uploading a game.

The primary use for this is, uh... because it's kind of a bummer when the game is running along in the background and crashes during upload. (Edit: Obviously making my game crash less would help, but :sweat_smile:.)

Aside from having to start the upload again, I also worry something will be left half copied (though I presume the host OS takes care of this and I needn't worry, I haven't done any software for device->device file transfers).

#2 Prevent host OS sleep while game is uploading.

Similar to #1 in purpose and goal! Unless this is already happening? I noticed my Mac went to screensaver during an upload but I guess I didn't wait long enough to see if it would ultimately go to sleep or not :thinking:.

Thanks for reading (and for everything y'all do)!

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I think spacebar pauses the sim? Wouldn’t help with #2 though

Yep @Gamma, it does! But if I’m building and uploading quickly, it’s unfortunate to have to press it every time.

I realize that sounds lazy but it’s mostly about remembering to do so. I’ll propose an alternate angle as well: The Simulator doesn’t allow game input (nor pausing) while uploading, so often there isn’t much value of it running the game during upload. (That said, I can very much imagine some scenarios where you’d want the game to continue running during upload so that’s why I was requesting a setting to toggle it based on preference!)