Resonant Tale - A pocket size puzzle box adventure!

Discover a handcrafted pocket size world full of secrets! Resonant Tale is an all new action-adventure game out now on Catalog and Itch!

Play as the hooded adventurer Leit, waking up on a wave-washed beach in a mysterious new land. Explore the musically inspired world, befriend its unusual inhabitants, and discover your part in restoring harmony to a land struck with discordance. Beyond the sights, sounds and secrets of the surface there are four trap laden levels to traverse, from escaping the depths of a castle dungeon to exploring an abandoned mountaintop temple. Wielding sword, arrows and bombs, will you discover all of Harmonia's hidden treasures and reunite the sacred bells?

Made with Pulp, the web-based game editor for Playdate, Resonant Tale pushes the boundaries of what's possible with the engine and aims to surprise and delight through its depth of content and attention to detail. Featuring 2-3 hours of gameplay for a casual playthrough (and much more for the committed completionist), 30+ original music tracks from the very talented Rupert Cole, autosave, assistance options, and even an unlockable "hardcore" mode, Resonant Tale sets out to deliver a no filler full game experience.

Get the Original Soundtrack from Rupert Cole!

Look here for some hints & tips!

You can look back over the game's development in this thread right here on the dev forum. A big thanks to everyone here who has been following along, seeing those likes and comments whenever I had something to share really helped keep up my motivation. I hope you now enjoy playing the game!



Game looks great! Picking it up now :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Would love to hear how you get along!

Version 1.1 is now available! It includes a handful of bug fixes and some other small changes based on player feedback. Full changelog here!

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