Retro Time a game containing 8 retro based games playable in 3 game modes

So a few years ago i entered a programming contest for fuze 4 for nintendo switch and made my Retrotime game. then i ported it to c++ and SDL and now i ported it to C and the playdate SDK. The conversion from C++ to C was a real pain as the game initially made use of a lot of classes and polymorphism. After about 2-3 weeks of tedious work i had the basics working in C in a windows version at 400x240 resolution with black and white dithetered graphics. to Get the dithered graphics i modified the windows (color) version to add a bayer dithering algoritm which i could modify in real time as well as dump (save) all scaled graphics to disk so i did not had to rely on real time scaling on the playdate (which is slow) but could just load the prescaled graphics. After i had done that it only took me about 2-3 days to convert the C windows SDL(2) based game to C and the playdate api. It's generally not that hard to port a sdl2 based game to playdate sdk as long as the game in question mostly worked with images and did not do anything fancy related to realtime editing of the graphics buffer. Luckily i never do that.

Anyway i've made a video of progress so far but the game is not finished yet. I'm targetting 30 fps, while the game initially ran at 60 fps. Playdate seems capable of achieving this speed in my game as long as i build a Release optimized version (with -O3). Speeds differ per game though but i'll lock them all at 30 fps.


Neat! That bubble popping one is a pretty cool mechanic.

yeah it's based on pang the arcade game. Not sure if you are familiar with that one


Hey Guys,

I worked some more on the game these are things i have done (among many other things):

  • scorebar is more visible and readable
  • colour invasion uses patterns instead of only white bars
  • snakey has a different head color
  • fixed ball speed in bubble buster
  • fix backgrounds in games that use no background image
  • many speed optimazations
  • fixed fonts being to big (seems pdfont tool has a one off issue compared to SDL_TTF loaded fonts)
  • blockstacker uses different color for its surrounding playfield blocks as well as the remove line animation
  • saving / loading of settings
  • saving / loading of highscores

Also for fun here are some side by side comparision photos of the original windows game (scaled down) and the playdate version

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I release the game available on here RetroTime (Playdate) by joyrider3774