Ribbit Rabbit! Completed puzzle game release!

Introducing Ribbit Rabbit! My 40 level long puzzle game for the playdate, built entirely in pulp!

Help Ribby catch yummy carrot-flies for his lunch across 40 fun levels of ever more devious puzzles! Encounter traps, mazes, and monsters across four zones!

Learn the basics and avoid the obstacles in the Slimy Swamp!

Flick switches and avoid sharks on Buzzy Beach!

Turn cranks and shake things up in Creepy Cave!

Finally, it will take all the skills you have learned to survive the final confrontation at the top of Magma Mount!

Please note, I don't actually have a playdate myself yet, so whilst I have tested it thoroughly in the online editor, I haven't had an opportunity to test it on the actual hardware! Please let me know of any problems, or any other feedback you may have!

The demo version, which is also on the page linked above, has four levels to give you a quick idea of the more basic mechanics and a taste of the different environments and puzzle elements that are introduced in the later levels. Please download and enjoy!

I will hopefully get the time in the next few days to make some posts in the Pulp section of the forum about the process of making the game, as well as code samples and tutorials for some of the features and how I got them working, so please keep an eye out if you're interested.


I just played through the demo, it was fun! It could be a little difficult to tell which tiles were solid or not, and the teleport could maybe be a bit more animated to draw the eye to where it takes the player, but it's a solid puzzle concept and the demo levels all seemed to work!

Ahh yes, the full game has an introductory level to each zone to help make it clear what is and what is not a platform. I didn't think about the impact removing them would have on the demo's usability. Hmm. Not sure what to do about that.

As for the teleport, that's an excellent point! I may see if I can add an animation to make it more clear.

Thank you very much for testing it out!

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Just snagged my copy, loading it up with some other games now!

Fun so far! And hard! Having fun chipping away at it.