Rickroll for PD

Hey yall...

I have made a new "game". It is a Rickroll that runs on your Playdate. Not really much else to say, but you can download it here.
Launcher 2052-10-08 14.00.15
Rickroll 2052-10-08 14.06.03
Keep in mind that I don't have my unit (group 3) yet, so I don't know if it works on-device.

Good one. Did you try it on device though? I launched it in the simulator but immediately got an error (malloc(37474792) failed). I guess that's due to the pda being so heavy (37 Mb, but the Playdate only has 16 Mb of memory). You can simulate the device memory by setting “Playdate > Malloc Pool > 16 MB“ in the simulator. I'd recommend using a mp3 here instead of a wav/pda.

The Rickroll is that it doesn't work on the Playdate. :rofl:

I tried it in the Simulator and it did play in the Sim.

main.lua:26 attempt to index a nil value (upvalue 'audio')
^Error on my device

(heres an older Rickroll for playdate) found this one a few months back ^^

The Rickroll built into the Playdate firmware is more of slideshow rather than video, but it does the job! You'd never hit the right bottom combo by accident but it's a fun easter egg:


Do you know there’s an actual rick roll in the Lua SDK examples? (Spoiler: https://twitter.com/HTeuMeuLeu/status/1499067461706072064)

I am get that error as well

Update error: main.lua:26: attempt to index a nil value (upvalue 'audio')
stack traceback:
	main.lua:26: in function <main.lua:24>

I just copy and pasted the code from the SDK docs for videos.. any reason this wouldn't work? (lol)