Roguelikes and sokoban-likes on playdate

Hi folks, I've had my Playdate for about 2 months now and to be honest, I'm not finding a lot of the kinds of games that I like to play. My favorite genres are oldskool turn-based roguelikes and sliding sokoban-style games. This isn't a criticism of the Playdate, just a reflection of my own tastes. I have made some of these style of games for Pico-8 previously, so I can try my hand with playdate, but I thought I'd ask here if folks have suggestions for any of these games made for Playdate already as I can't find any. I tried squidgoddev's but that's not really a complete game, just the simplest MVP. Again, no knock on their work, I'm just trying to find some working games to really make the playdate useable for me. If anyone has any suggestions for open source lua roguelikes that are not on playdate but could be ported, I'd be open to learning about that as well. I have winter break coming up so that could be a fun project for me. All these questions apply to sokoban sliding puzzle games too!


Hey, I made a sliding sokoban-style game! It's in Pulp (not Lua), but have a look if you like.

If you're going to make one of these games, most modern titles I've seen (Snakebird, Stephen's Sausage Roll, Baba is You), have a "move undo" feature, which is almost a necessity for playability. I wrote about how I did this in Pulpscript here: Implementing a time rewind (move undo) system in Pulp


Omar has made an oldschool puzzle-roguelike about a frog


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