Rubido for playdate

Rubido is a little chinese checkers or solitaire game with four difficulties.

The aim of the game in chinese checkers is to select a (white) peg on the board and jump over another (white) peg to land on an empty (black) spot. When doing this the peg you jumped over will be removed from the board. You need to play the game in such a way that only one peg remains on the board at the end. Depending on the difficulty you had chosen this can be either (only) in the middle of the board or anywhere on the board. Also depending on the difficulty you had chosen you can either jump horizontally and veritically over pegs or diagonally as well.

It was a c++ SDL (1) game i initially made for the gp2x console 17 years ago. The game was c++ and i followed the same workflow as i did with blockdude. First i had to adapt my old code to convert the c++ (classes) code to structs and functions in C. Then i had to make my game loop functions in such a way that they only handled one frame per call, before i used to let them run in a loop but on the playdate you can not do that. I also needed to convert the colored graphics to 1 bit graphics (this took quite a bit of time). I also adapted the code a bit to make use of multiple header / C files as i used to write everything in a single file in the old days. Once that was done, i created a playdate C Api project and imported the code and started converting every single SDL (lib) call to playdate api functions. Finally it was testing and checking to see if everything was clearly visible on the playdate hardware itself and fixing some bugs and so.

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