Satellite - a little music experiment

Here’s a little music thing I’m working on


A video:

Download: (51.0 KB)


That’s great! Very addictive

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This is really cool for generating sound effects! Thanks.

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Version 0.2 - added bitcrusher and some new sprites




Download: (63.3 KB)


Hey! This looks brilliant. Any chance you could post an update that runs in the new SDK? Thanking you!

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Oh, I didn’t know it broke with the new SDK. I’ve been a bit busy so I haven’t updated yet, but I can try looking at it later this week.

Thank you! Looking forward to it!

Version 0.3 - fixed for SDK 0.11.1

Works exactly the same but on the latest version of the SDK! (Scaling sprites was fixed so I had to remove my workaround, as well as just build for the new version.)

Download: (63.1 KB)

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Thank you! Will install tomorrow!

Hey! A dumb question from a newbie here (and you’ll see why I’m a director and writer, as opposed to someone with any real skills):

I typed in this command prompt to make the .pdx file:

C:\Users\jorg\Documents\Playdate\bin>pdc.exe -sdkpath C:\Users\jorg\Documents\My Games\Playdate Games\Satellite0.3 C:\Users\jorg\Documents\My Games\Playdate Games\Satellite0.3\satellite.pdx

And I got this error:

error: Couldn’t create folder at Games\Satellite0.3\satellite.pdx

I am sure I’m doing something very stupidly wrong. Any chance you could help? :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, there’s already a .pdx file in the download.

Hey - I finally figured it out (being a newbie to Playdate’s kit and all, I tend to be confused). I had so far only encountered .pdx files, and in your ZIP what I got was a folder. It’s working perfectly, thank you. Will now have a play. :slight_smile:

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Will there be an itch page or is this the only place you are gonna release this app? This app looks lots of fun and we wanna link to your app from the playdate wiki, though linking to the devforum might not be a best approach due to login requirements.

Yea, I'll put it on once I get around to finishing it. I'm going to add a way to create more than one project, and maybe some updated sprites. It'll hopefully get done in a month or two.

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I just tried this on my Playdate, but it seems it was built on an older version of the SDK :slightly_frowning_face:


I'm not going to make a new build before I'm done, but it shouldn't be more than two weeks.

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It's done!
Download: Satellite by Diefonk
Source code: GitHub - Diefonk/satellite: Experimental music thing for Playdate


So cool! I found a repeatable bug though. If you have a question mark, an asterisk, a slash, quotation marks ("), or either > or < in the name of a project it crashes the playdate. Doesn't matter if there's other letters or just a symbol.

I tested all the symbols and these are the only ones that cause a crash, the rest work fine.

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Thank you! I'll see about fixing this tomorrow. Wondering if it's best to just delete those characters from the name or if I should replace them with other characters...

I did find some other characters that caused a crash (at least for me), decided to simply replace them with a hyphen:

fileName = fileName:gsub("%.", "-")
fileName = fileName:gsub(":", "-")
fileName = fileName:gsub("<", "-")
fileName = fileName:gsub(">", "-")
fileName = fileName:gsub("?", "-")
fileName = fileName:gsub("\"", "-")
fileName = fileName:gsub("*", "-")
fileName = fileName:gsub("/", "-")
fileName = fileName:gsub("|", "-")
fileName = fileName:gsub("\\", "-")
fileName = fileName:gsub(" ", "_")

Space will also cause a crash if it's the only character, so I decided to replace it with an underscore.