Sci-Fi Sports (sports management sim devlog)

In the wake of Initial Daydream, I was planning on jumping right into another RPG to keep that train rolling. However, that game had a lot of art in it, and I wasn't feeling particularly arty. In fact, I've been neck deep in enjoyment of the NBA playoffs, and thought maybe I'd try my hand at something completely different!

I had actually started something similar during a PIGSquad game jam last year, so I even had some groundwork already laid. I already had 16 players made up with stats and bios, as well as some vague world lore thoughts.
The basic premise is that you've been invited to run a new team in a league on a distant planet playing a game you don't really know much about. You draft players based on scouting reports, then you can hire various coaches, trainers, and other staff to improve your team and hopefully win a championship!

I think my ideal version of the game is actually played once a day for about a month. On the first day, you draft your players, hire staff, and do a practice. Day 2 is your first game. The "game" itself happens in more of an idle way, then based on the results of the game you can change up your practice tactics or hire contractors for more temporary benefits. Then you alternate practices and game days til the season is over (6 teams in the league. you play each team home and away for 10, then 4 more against your division rivals for a total of 14. and playoffs probably but we'll get there when we get there).

I've come up with a lot of the stats and general flow ideas for the game, but at every turn there is a new equation to invent haha. I figured having a devlog like this would be helpful for having a digital, searchable version of what I've got going in my notebooks.

So far, I have the draft system working and that's it. More updates to come hopefully, but this summer is looking to be a wild time. This will be a nice project to hop into on occasion I think, and perhaps someone will enjoy having a little sports team to manage on their lunch breaks!

I've written up a version of how the actual games will be calculated, as well as a draft of the economy. I realized I had included a "popularity" variable and hadn't actually figured out what it did haha. I've also added a "Mascot" hire, which I thought was vitally important as soon as it came to mind.
Next up, I want to formalize numerically the differences between Stars, Roleplayers, Veterans, and Project Players, and work out the calculations on the Practice days like I did for Game days. I should probably come up with some basic versions of the the other teams as well. Then I think I can actually dive back into Pulp!

this reminded me of an elaborate version of some sport management games I've played in the 90's. They were fun!

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Okay that is good news haha. I'm not expecting this to be a console mover or anything but I am hopeful that there are others like you who might want some idle numbers going up!