SDK 1.10.0 is out!

Lots of updates, fixes, and changes, so it's probably easiest to visit our changelog to see what's new.

As always, you can update your SDK on macOS by clicking "Check for SDK Updates…" under the Simulator's app pull-down menu. On Windows and Linux, please visit and download the new installer. (From here on out, Windows and Linux users should get automatic updates of new SDKs via the Playdate Simulator app!)


the site says it 1.10.0 but I still get prompt to download 1.9.3, what's up with that?

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Thank you SO much for fixing the Wi-Fi connection issue. Seeing the sim was already connected to the Internet gave me a pleasant sort of shock. I just wish for the ability to map PC controls, like you can with controllers. That would be amazing. Keep up the great work guys!


Mo, is this still a problem for you? I'll have someone look into it on our end.

Mo, where are you physically located? That might be an important variable here.

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I'm from the Philippines, and yes, it's still an issue

Nevermind, I think my computer is at fault. I'm downloading it on my phone and it's the right file.

Okay, thank you for that update. Let us know if the problem continues much longer — maybe there is something we can do on our end.

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Looking forward to seeing this issue finally get resolved. If it finally works for me, but still doesn't work for so many others, it doesn't make me any happier.

Since the update my PlayDate has been stuck on a screen that shows the PlayDate logo.

It flashes the "please charge me" plug and battery icon super fast then goes back to the logo.

If I press the reset button, the screen fades to grey slowly, then when released goes back to this. I'm super stuck on what to do.

Please DM @Arisa regarding this

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@matt can you please share how to DM on your forums? Unfortunately I cannot find how to do this on your forum...

I just got a message that, "my trust level has increased" so now I can view the icon to DM.

I believe you need to spend more time on the forum before you can DM. Just a short while more reading will unlock the next level.

Until then, I've alerted Arisa.

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