SDK 1.13.0 is out!

See the release notes at Playdate SDK Changelog.

We're doing a phased roll-out this time: some Playdates will get updated today; the remainder will hopefully get it early next week, assuming everything goes smoothly!


Did you managed to split Catalog from the OS update ?

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When trying to install on macOS 13.2 (downloaded using Safari), I got a prompt saying the installer wanted access to my Downloads folder, and installation failed when I denied access.

The installer is in my Downloads folder, but I’ve never had to grant an already-running installer access to itself before. The prompt implied it would give it access to the entire folder, not just the .pkg. (it’s entirely possible this is a macOS bug; I don’t think I’ve used any other .pkg installers on this OS version)

Catalog will launch separately from this OS. We'll have an announcement this month about Catalog.


Hi Dale, the installer sometimes needs to download things to complete the installation and so needs access to the Downloads folder. If you grant it access the install should succeed.


Hi is it possible to force update my device today with the new version somehow? Would love to have a go at the latest fixes.. Also I noticed my simulator is now grey, is this a bug or should it look like this. Had a quick look but couldn't find a setting to get the yellow color back.



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You can test the changes in the simulator as well (apart from performance) and the simulator has a "Simulate Device Appearance" option that should give you the yellow color back.

Nice thanks, it is now yellow again. :slight_smile: And apart from the headphone/debounce bug I wanted to test, but for most things I guess that is true. No worries, I'll wait for my turn.



I'd love to have the other part of the question answered, too - is it possible to force the device to update to the latest version, ignoring the slow roll-out?

I ask because I'm starting to develop for Playdate, so I'm using the 1.13.0 SDK I just downloaded, but my device is stuck on 1.12.3. I'm unable to get my build to run on the device without immediately crashing, and I'm not sure if it's because the game was built for a newer SDK or something else.

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You can download older versions of the SDK on this page:

Thanks. It'd be nice not to have to go through it again when the update is ready, though. I totally understand the roll-out, but if a user has a reason to upgrade, it's nice to offer a way to do so :slight_smile: