SDK 1.13.2 is out!

Howdy y'all, SDK 1.13.2 is now available*! Generally, this was a bugfix release to prep for Catalog launch, though a couple quality-of-life upgrades were made to the OS Settings > Games app as well. See more details in the official changelog!

Again, we want to note that we're aware of the performance issues that came up in 1.13.0, and a fix is on the way. Catalog needed a solid OS/SDK foundation to launch from, so we kept 1.13.2 relatively low-risk and lean. We know this is an important issue for many devs (and players) though, so we plan to release a beta with that fix very soon, hopefully this week.

As always, update your Playdate's OS, download the latest SDK, and let us know if you run into any issues. We hope you're enjoying Catalog!

*It's actually been technically available for a day or two under the radar, but the Catalog launch ended up taking most of our attention lately.


Thanks for all the hard work, and transparency on the perf stuff, @sally and team!