SDK 1.9.1 is out!

Available via "Playdate Simulator > Check For SDK Updates" on macOS. On other OSes, check here to download an installer:

1.9.1 Release Notes


  • Better logging of firmware update failures
  • Individual values can now be passed to playdate.geometry.polygon:containsPoint, playdate.geometry.rect:containsRect, and playdate.geometry.rect:containsPoint
  • Added gfx.imagetable:setImage(pos, image)
  • Simulator: Windows/Linux Register Simulator dialog now has link to the website
  • Added SoundFormat and helper macros to Inside Playdate with C


  • Unified keyboard shortcuts in all the Simulators
  • Increase Autolock timeout to 3 minutes
  • Inside Playdate: factored parameters out of list of easing functions
  • If the toolchain fails to download it will be retried
  • Removed error when using error-diffusing dither types in gfx.setDitherPattern()


  • Simulator: Mac: Command-right/left arrow no longer rotates the Simulator unexpectedly when in the Console.
  • Fixed a bug where a text formatting character could appear in drawn text
  • snd.getCurrentTime() no longer stops when Simulator volume is set to 0
  • MacOS SDK installer no longer requires Rosetta
  • Changed delay effect mix in Drum Machine example so you hear the notes at the right time
  • Fixed Input Test error when the crank angle is exactly 345 degrees
  • Fixed backward incompatibilities with older games
  • eventHandler declaration in pd_api.h now includes Windows export tag
  • Simulator: Mac: fixed some drawing and timing glitches in animated gif export
  • Simulator: Windows: now correctly include the game controller map
  • sprite:setScale() and :setRotation() now handle opaque images with padding
  • sprite:setScale() and :setRotation() now copy image's invert flag
  • Update FPU settings in CMake builds
  • Simulator: Windows/Linux: Fixed a crash when using unmapped thumb sticks
  • Simulator: Windows/Linux: Fixed an issue where Playdate settings would not be saved correctly
  • Simulator: Linux: fixed compatiblity with libpng on certain distros which could lead to a crash
  • Fixed bounds checking in imagetable:getImage(x,y)
  • Fix game crashes if /Data doesn't exist

Thank you for the update!
However, the windows download link,
,still seems to point to PlaydateSDK-1.9.0.exe.
(I was able to download it by specifying directly)

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Same with the Mac link, and the substitution.

It says I need MacOs 10.15 to install. That's problematic for me. Is there any workaround? I'm on 10.14.6

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I believe these links are working properly now (point to 1.9.1.) If you are still having issues let me know! Thanks for pointing this out!

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Apologies for the inconvenience. Let me look into it!

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I also need 10.14.6 compatibility :+1:

I'm on Mac OS 12.3 (MacBookPro M1) and Playdate Simulator Unexpectedly quits every time i try to check for updates. So i will do it manually. Will the update overwrite existing folder contents? (i added some stuffs to C examples)

Updates leave the existing folder (with added version number suffix) alongside the new one.

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If you're saying that after installation you don't see two SDK folders then that's strange. Here's what I see:

Please, @Macc, in future assume good will on my part

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No, you're right, i made a mistake, and this is why i deleted my post as soon as i realized...

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