SDK Installer Options


I was looking to try the SDK (on Linux) and the does install the program but there is no options to configure. My distro (Slackware) doesn't use /usr/local/share/applications to store the desktop files, we use /usr/share/applications (and /usr/bin for exec files) and I was unable to successfully use any "DESTDIR" flags to change the defaults, so I couldn't make an installable package for my OS either. I'm unsure if the program will operate properly if I place the files where the OS expects them to be.

I feel a bit of options/changes in the would give many distros the opportunity to package the SDK for their OS, which would likely benefit the project, bringing in curious parties if they had a native package available to them.

I know Linux is a minefield of package managers, but just a few path options for the bins, libs, var and such would go a long way for adoption.

Or if none of the above is an option due to design, I'd suggest a flatpak or appimage to distribute the SDK with instead. I think many would-be devs would be happy with those options!

We'd like to investigate flatpak at some point, but right now our priority is getting the Linux Sim feature complete first. As far as modifying the script, changing the installation location of the .desktop file isn't a problem at all and it should work just fine. In fact, I'm not 100% sure why we put it in local/share to begin with and I think I'll change it for the next release. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the response (and your work on this!) I will look into the installer some more, I am hoping I can get a system-wide installation of the SDK eventually.

I appreciate your time!