SDK+Simulator built for Raspberry Pi?

Is there any chance of getting the SDK and Simulator built for Linux Raspberry Pi? Say "Raspbian"? I'm more than happy to use a beta version.

I have to travel for work for a few weeks, and I normally take a rPi 400 as lighter-than-laptop fun/personal machine. (Plugged into hotel TV).

So it would be nice to be able to continue my PD development while away.

Apologies for the purely selfish request. But surely I can't be the only one wanting this. I am forbidden from using the work machine for this.


Dave said here he is happy to be nagged about this

Ok, I will endeavour to be more naggy :wink:


This request is in our tracker. Please do post what platforms you want support for, it helps us prioritize. However, it probably doesn't need to be assigned to Dave since there is no additional action required at this point.


Perfect! Cheers. I've untagged Dave

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I'd love that too! I do a lot of development on my Pi 4 as well.


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I am also interested. Having the ability to code on a Raspberry Pi would be very convenient for me. I have a model 3B+.

Obligatory bump/nag too.

Please, please, please.

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The Raspberry Pi is a winner! I would love to see it supported.

+1 for Raspberry Pi support. Really helpful for new devs.