Seamless music looping in Pulp

You've likely heard about this issue in similar cases, so forgive me if it's too redundant. Directing this to Pulp more specifically, so maybe it's still slightly novel.

I'm just can't help noticing there's always a stutter when looping your music created in Pulp. It seems like it repeats to the beginning as soon as the last note is finished. This on it's own can be a fine and nice, I exploit stuff like that all the time! It's just that imagine other instances where it would suit the music better to loop as soon as the final bar is complete. Would be best to have both options tho.

This should be possible at the moment, if I understand correctly!

The way I've gotten around this is by putting a note at the very end of the last measure and then deleting it. This maintains the length of the section even if there isn't a note there anymore, so you could even end a song with several measures of silence before looping if you wanted!

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