Seamless upgrade from demo to full version of game (Playdate Catalog marketplace)

I might get ahead of things since Catalog isn't live yet, but I'd like to be able to publish a game as a full paid version with a free demo.

  1. Wwhat developer documentation is available about Catalog to begin with?
  2. Will paid games be available to begin with?
  3. What do you think about the idea below?

Lets say we've got the package names and`

My suggestion for implementing this is that when upgrading from the demo to full version:

  • the demo pdx gets deleted from the Games folder
  • the full version pdx gets installed
  • the Data/ gets renamed to Data/

Now, the demo data is available to the full game. It is then up to the game developer to detect this upgrade by storing a isDemo boolean in the datastore or something like that. When the boolean is true, the full version code shows a thankyou-for-buying-screen, unlocks extra content and sets isDemo to false.

It is also possible to have the demo and full version share the same package name, which essentially makes the whole process work like a version update. But carefully consider whether having a demo and full version sharing a package name would have adverse consequences.

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Just to set expectations, as far as I can tell from the Playdate dev presentation that happened last week Tuesday, there are very little details available yet for Catalog. And importantly, we shouldn't expect too much until closer to the end of Season One; I believe it won't be implemented until after that. :+1:t5: