Season One for the early Developer Preview units

For those of you that have the early Developer Preview units, we want to let you'll be getting the full Season One delivered to your units! You probably have already received the first two games on your device: Whitewater Wipeout and Casual Birder.

:playdate_new_important: Note for those in the Dev Preview Season Test: As you'll be getting duplicate copies of the same game, you can go to Settings > Games to delete the games from the Developer Preview Test Season to avoid taking up extra space on your unit. This will delete the game data and you won't be able to download it again until it releases in Season One-- but you won't lose your game progress if the game is deleted!


Oh rats. I considered applying for the developer preview but thought those units would never get Season One. Now I feel like a moron. :frowning:

I wouldn't worry much, many of us applied and didn't get in so have had to wait anyway :yum: