setDitherPattern() issues

So In Inside Playdate the function, [ditherType]) is described as follow:

white should be a value in the range 0.0 (completely black) to 1.0 (completely white).

I read it as 0 will create a fully black pattern and 1 a fully white pattern and in between will be a mix of black and white.

It seems the function is actually taking the color set by and set the pattern in the alpha (which is great).

I feel the documentation should be a bit clearer.

I also noticed that return max float after a pattern has been set. 0.5 )
print( "getColor:", )

getColor: 4.37073e+09

return a value like “pattern” or would be more appropriate.

And here another related issue, because setDitherPattern() is using the current color, if you call the function multiple time in a row, it might look like it fails because it seems it will default to the color black when the current color is a pattern. This is an undocumented behavior that look like a bug in practice.

Ideally the current color should be kept internally but getColor() should return this is a pattern when a pattern is set. On a related note, I think having a function to remove the pattern (like or without parameters) would be useful.

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previous discussion about setDitherPattern here:

I’ve fixed getColor() so it returns the pattern array when a pattern was set. As for the rest of this… I haven’t gotten any closer to the “right” answer since I looked at this last March. I’ll think on it some more. :thinking:

Agreed. Removing the pattern by setting colour was not obvious to me (I asked how to do it on Discord).